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A fountain of wisdom from the Lord

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About prayer
About surrender and self-sacrifice


Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad
May Brahman provide

As the old times,
Ancient lore and yore.

As the old times,
history writing of visual source
as the story of an old civilisation.

This religion with its sources
at veda' society. as well veda tradition.

This religion speaking of
powers not on earth alone.
But the gods creating the universe.
And maintaining order without direct
technology or sciences.

This religion as hinduism,
as philosophical proverbs.

As its written and vocally
tranceived, and the upanishad
as the flower of beauty.

As the upanishad, written
and divided in about 100 upanishads.

The greatest devotion is by prayer
as one is above his or her own position.

The greatest devotion is to
allow the gods to enter your life.

As its not a question if,
but how much they may meet you
in your own life, daily living
and life goals.

The greatest devotion
is to start praying and choose
the godhead you are familiar with.

as well devotion is supported
by reading books. Books of wisdom
Books of religion, books of tradition.

As the soul longs for wisdom,
as the thirst of both knowledge and

As the soul is adressed by all religions,
as they describe the eternal quest.

A quest for eternal happiness,
A quest for eternal blessing.

As devotion is the prime use
of religion, to reach a respected place.
A place within life, for a good life.
A place within life, to endure all suffer, pain
and to reach the abode of the gods.

The link to the source as this
fountain will use
Isa Upanishad


Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

a. Its the question how much you allow the gods to
have their influence in your life.

b. Prayer is covering all subjects with
the name of the Lord.

c. As one duty is laying
in the heart waiting to be seen

d. virtue is learning what
is behaviour in respect
to the world and surrounding.

e. devotion grows by every moment
at its intent.

f. worldpeace at the peace
of your own heart.

g. as soon as the goal of life
is certain, attend it lifelong.

h. educate children to use their
emotional layer, to have insight
in the intents of others.

i. every day sunlight is like
the law of reality,
as is choosing awareness
to be during daylight.

j. To stop thinking is possible
at the sole intent of reaching it,
and accepting all duties in reality.

k. As the act of prayer is
the answer to all possible
worries, questions, wishes and feelings.

l. As all religions have their place
in reality, the world and life.

m. Walking the staircase of prayer
one is given special types of mercy
when the full devotion is in their sight.

n. On earth we all share the feeling layer
as being grounded in the inner being
of the planet earth and the solar orb sun.

o. As all animals in pure synchronicity
and their vivid symphony, are all
commanded and bound to earth.

p. Our bodies are given by earth to
the Gods for granting us a vessel
during life, as proof we do not
command full and all functions of
the body.

q. Th ethical question may i hurt anyone,
or may i commit crimes is superceded
by the question is it ethical
for me if i would be the victim of it.

r. The life is for all creatures
set and planned with the free will

s. Choosing a religion, is to
choose predestination and leaving
the act of free will for governing life.

About prayer

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

  • As to pray for all wishes gives a bond of deep devotion.

  • As to pray for all worries grant a way out for most of them

  • As to pray for all needs grants the right path for them.

  • As to pray for all circumstance will give light in darkness.

  • As to pray your own sake or fate gives a strong feeling of trust.

  • As to pray by surrender and selfsacrifice gives a living relationship to bring all in prayer and the guidance.

  • As to pray for surrender is to accept His full mercy.

  • As to self sacrifice in prayer grants the border of will to have safety in the grand refuge.

  • As to pray for everything grants His light in everything.

  • Prayer for self-interest gives a bond with the self.

  • Prayer for your own benefit gives the rightious answer of the Gods.

  • Prayer for all negative or positive feelings, grants light in them.

  • To pray is to speak to the gods about the subjects.

  • to pray is to whisper everything to the gods, as trusting they hear.

  • To pray is to phrase all things in language understood.

  • To pray is the bond with the gods, as they already judge both the prayers and those who pray. as is said.

  • To pray for a judgement is to accept their ordeals.

  • To pray for a surrender is to accept them as guide.

About Surrender and Self-sacrifice

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

The prayer for to surrender to a Godhead
or to pray about self-sacrifice.
is always in language
and by spoken word.

As the prayers are as subject to a Godhead
their is no communication partner.

As the prayer of surrender ought
always to be possible, and to be able.
its is a prayer very serious
as you accept a Godhead as guide or protection.

As when you surrender to a God
all wishes will be in line with that godhead.
And all wishes are to build the lifetask
of that godhead.

As when you surrender,
you are in protection and mercy
of that godhead.

As when you surrender,
you can have the feeling
your willpower is carried,
or that its by source of the godhead.

As when you surrender,
all religions teach the
call or the lifetask is started
and your life becomes a

As when you surrender
compared to a citizensship of a
wealthy country,
you have both rights,
both support for your needs
and up to a level of protection
as the gods can save you
from within and without.

The prayer for surrender
is very serious as
you become an instrument.

As all religions say
an instrument is og high worth
to the gods.

As they can use all instruments
to build their kingdom,
both wisdom, virtue, writings
and deeds.

As prayer is a vital mean
to all religions
and surrender is a subject to
pray about.

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