May Brahman educate
A fountain of wisdom from the Lord

List of contents:

About prayer
About surrender and self-sacrifice
The teacher of the Veda's
Virtues of religion
Karma depicts life position
Proverb One without a Second
Omnipotence and AllCreator
Creator and wisdom
Yoga serving by work
Gayatri mantra
Types of Self-Sacrifice
Life of devotion
Karma resolvement
The soul and its rights
Heaven banker Kubera


Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad
May Brahman provide

As the old times,
Ancient lore and yore.

As the old times,
history writing of visual source
as the story of an old civilisation.

This religion with its sources
at veda' society. as well veda tradition.

This religion speaking of
powers not on earth alone.
But the gods creating the universe.
And maintaining order without direct
technology or sciences.

This religion as hinduism,
as philosophical proverbs.

As its written and vocally
tranceived, and the upanishad
as the flower of beauty.

As the upanishad, written
and divided in about 100 upanishads.

The greatest devotion is by prayer
as one is above his or her own position.

The greatest devotion is to
allow the gods to enter your life.

As its not a question if,
but how much they may meet you
in your own life, daily living
and life goals.

The greatest devotion
is to start praying and choose
the godhead you are familiar with.

as well devotion is supported
by reading books. Books of wisdom
Books of religion, books of tradition.

As the soul longs for wisdom,
as the thirst of both knowledge and

As the soul is adressed by all religions,
as they describe the eternal quest.

A quest for eternal happiness,
A quest for eternal blessing.

As devotion is the prime use
of religion, to reach a respected place.
A place within life, for a good life.
A place within life, to endure all suffer, pain
and to reach the abode of the gods.

The link to the source as this
fountain will use
Isa Upanishad


Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

a. Its the question how much you allow the gods to
have their influence in your life.

b. Prayer is covering all subjects with
the name of the Lord.

c. As one duty is laying
in the heart waiting to be seen

d. virtue is learning what
is behaviour in respect
to the world and surrounding.

e. devotion grows by every moment
at its intent.

f. worldpeace at the peace
of your own heart.

g. as soon as the goal of life
is certain, attend it lifelong.

h. educate children to use their
emotional layer, to have insight
in the intents of others.

i. every day sunlight is like
the law of reality,
as is choosing awareness
to be during daylight.

j. To stop thinking is possible
at the sole intent of reaching it,
and accepting all duties in reality.

k. As the act of prayer is
the answer to all possible
worries, questions, wishes and feelings.

l. As all religions have their place
in reality, the world and life.

m. Walking the staircase of prayer
one is given special types of mercy
when the full devotion is in their sight.

n. On earth we all share the feeling layer
as being grounded in the inner being
of the planet earth and the solar orb sun.

o. As all animals in pure synchronicity
and their vivid symphony, are all
commanded and bound to earth.

p. Our bodies are given by earth to
the Gods for granting us a vessel
during life, as proof we do not
command full and all functions of
the body.

q. Th ethical question may i hurt anyone,
or may i commit crimes is superceded
by the question is it ethical
for me if i would be the victim of it.

r. The life is for all creatures
set and planned with the free will

s. Choosing a religion, is to
choose predestination and leaving
the act of free will for governing life.

About prayer

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

  • As to pray for all wishes gives a bond of deep devotion.

  • As to pray for all worries grant a way out for most of them

  • As to pray for all needs grants the right path for them.

  • As to pray for all circumstance will give light in darkness.

  • As to pray your own sake or fate gives a strong feeling of trust.

  • As to pray by surrender and selfsacrifice gives a living relationship to bring all in prayer and the guidance.

  • As to pray for surrender is to accept His full mercy.

  • As to self sacrifice in prayer grants the border of will to have safety in the grand refuge.

  • As to pray for everything grants His light in everything.

  • Prayer for self-interest gives a bond with the self.

  • Prayer for your own benefit gives the rightious answer of the Gods.

  • Prayer for all negative or positive feelings, grants light in them.

  • To pray is to speak to the gods about the subjects.

  • to pray is to whisper everything to the gods, as trusting they hear.

  • To pray is to phrase all things in language understood.

  • To pray is the bond with the gods, as they already judge both the prayers and those who pray. as is said.

  • To pray for a judgement is to accept their ordeals.

  • To pray for a surrender is to accept them as guide.

About Surrender and Self-sacrifice

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

The prayer for to surrender to a Godhead
or to pray about self-sacrifice.
is always in language
and by spoken word.

As the prayers are as subject to a Godhead
their is no communication partner.

As the prayer of surrender ought
always to be possible, and to be able.
its is a prayer very serious
as you accept a Godhead as guide or protection.

As when you surrender to a God
all wishes will be in line with that godhead.
And all wishes are to build the lifetask
of that godhead.

As when you surrender,
you are in protection and mercy
of that godhead.

As when you surrender,
you can have the feeling
your willpower is carried,
or that its by source of the godhead.

As when you surrender,
all religions teach the
call or the lifetask is started
and your life becomes a

As when you surrender
compared to a citizensship of a
wealthy country,
you have both rights,
both support for your needs
and up to a level of protection
as the gods can save you
from within and without.

The prayer for surrender
is very serious as
you become an instrument.

As all religions say
an instrument is og high worth
to the gods.

As they can use all instruments
to build their kingdom,
both wisdom, virtue, writings
and deeds.

As prayer is a vital mean
to all religions
and surrender is a subject to
pray about.

The teacher of the Veda's

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

As the scriptures of high philosophical value
are being teached and spoken by the teachers.

As teaching is imparting its meaning and its wisdom
to a student being interested in it.

As a student can have a life-goal to reach
the spiritual goal or lifepurpose of it.

The teachers as bound by honesty are
being themselves bound by a teacher.

As some teachers are bound by
the path of prayer and seek their
answers at the abode of the gods.

They as being the servant of their
religion can teach others as they
receive wisdom as the blessing of
their gods.

As to be without a physical teacher
is to step on the path of prayer.
As the gods see fit which answer
and which lesson to impart.

To have a physical teacher is
to be aware of the teacher
not having granted total view on
all lessons.

As to regard the godhead as teacher
and to ask in prayer for education,
can grant uncommon insights,
all to support life.

As to pray all subjects,
the gods are free to inform
about wisdom, lifesights and
all kinds of knowledge.

As all religions know kinds
of prayer and some adress
all prayers to a single god,
and others grant prayers
to all different ones.

Monotheistic and polytheistic.

Therefore a teacher being the
godhead as to praye to,
is a stable source of wisdom
as it does not have human flaw.

Virtues of religion

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

As both mercy of religion
is by their holy books, scriptures
or commentaries.

As both mercy of religion is
imparted by functions like priests
and guru's

As religions write about their
virtues to be the essence of religious life.

As virtues in christianity are written
in the bible

as in hunduism written in the veda's
and their commentaries.

As Mahatma Gandhi had the virtue of
ahimsa, being non-violent.

As the virtue to be obedient
is practised in the monasteries,
as everyday filled with psalms
prayer and work.

As the virtue to be honest
is teached to children.

All religions have a number
of virtues to teach as the
devoted life of an adept.

As the ten commandments of
christianity, and the

virtues of philosophy
as being sincere at
having a life.

As society calls for the virtue
to adapt to law, and to refrain
from crime.

As religion calls for the virtue
to adapt to honest life and to
refrain from sin, and to be obedient
in devotion.

As humanism calls for the virtue
to find your own fountain or source
in life.

As the general virtue to choose
a function or a task to be
part of society and to have
value or worth for those around you
and those part of society.

Law of Karma

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

The question regarding karma
why one is rich or king and the other
a beggar or in poverty.

As on earth many kingdoms and countries
one is with wealth and other without life means.

As karma depicts one to be rewarded for good things,
others to be condemned to poverty.

As in a former life, lives before this one
one can be obedient and follow all chances to
get lifetask completed
and one with a commpleted lifetask
gets better karma, and next life a
better position.

As one in a former life, made a lot of fun
spend money, and be without benefit
for society,
one receives next life a worse position.

As on earth we have people being in poverty
and people extreme rich.

As karma depicts one is born
on earth, in hell or heaven.

As on earth we have law,
we have food and work mostly.

As in hell they lack justice
as the law of the strongest is the onlty one
sunlight is not there and clean water is missing too.

As in heaven they have equality
in all themes of life.
every one earns a blessed position
with work, salary, and a chance to
be with happiness full life.

as at the end of life
all things done in life are counted,
and the basis for the next.

a king being with pleasure
and the population not happy
will be a lowgraded busnessman
everyday in poverty.

the man form lower kinds in society
and working his best, sacrificing
himsell full will get a position of
a prince.

As karma is the source of this,
and as a stable independent law
gives people higher or lower positions
and thye have the possibility to
grow higher, strive higher,
or to neglect the goal of life
and fall back to lower positions.

Therfore the citizens being king
or very rich are a legitimate position
as well the beggar of the dumbwitted are
a legitimate position.

Regarding the full order in reality
being from low to high and appointed
by the lifetask and its completion
of former lives.

One without a second

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

As in hinduism the say as a proverb
Brahman is one without a second.

As we envision as a pyramid
a full threesided multiform,
a geometric triangle.

as the full top can only
have one point. if a perfect

As this one point on the top
is one without a second beside
without a second upward.

as reality would be in full
a pyramid, or triangle from top to bottom.
one can say
at the top of the reality
can only be one point
or one entity.

Saying about christ,
he saith that the lord
is jealous and have no other beside him.

To translate in the same
concept. The Lord would not
have an enemy, as it would
be a counterpart and would he not be
one without others.

As Brahman the one without a second,
the Supreme One if you can state.
has not entities as an enemy

But as they say, avidya
nescience is degrading all
living beings to a place
in this line, or pyramid.

Close to Brahman they share in
mercy, as all living beings
have mercy at one or other spot.

As to say close to the Lord
lives the angels, immortal
full of light and wisdom
and ever kind and heartfull

and at the bottom people
not accepting to be part of order
or to have a certain mercy
or without a benefit for society.

As One without a second,
has no godhead, or enemy,
and has full controll.

As avidya nescience.
vidya as full wisdom
gives knowledge how
to live happily,
with virtues, good food
lifetask and accepted mercy

and more nescience,
brings all themes in veil,
giving them false knowledgre
or the lack of discernment
about good, bad, peace and

Omnipotence All Creator

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

As the utmost high is Brahman as the supreme reality
and the supreme one.

As he is one without a second,
no one besides him,
no one above him,
and no counterpart.

As the order is from high
to low the level of nescience
or knowledge being compromised.

As one layer beneath Brahman
is the level of the AllCreator
bringing all things every moment
in existence.

As the layer of the All Creator besides
Her or Him is the Allmighty One or Omnipotence.

As to depict the All Creator to bring
all forms in existence, and the
Omnipotence as the grand scheme
holding everything at place.

As the Allmighty One
is to be devoted to by prayer
and gives law of karma
and the direction of spirits
to the upward.

As the All-Creator,
one tells if He or She creates
what can be wrong or be done wrong
therefore the Omnipotence is
besides, and guards all
living beings to fullfill
both their existence and their
obligation or life task.

As the All Creator,
is without any level of
devotion as it creates all.

As the All Creator being
the material world, and the consciousnes
and the Omnipotence
as the grand scheme
holding in place all beings.

So The All Creator,
one religion sees as male other as female
as The Omnipotence,
seen as Female or Male.

Brahma the All Creator as male,
Omnipotence, Gayatri as female.

Christian doctrine,
Omniotence as male,

and sometimes the All-Creator
depicted as female,
for having a devoted relationship.
as monks some have devotion.
Platonic relationship

As the term All in front op these titles
descrbibe it being for all times and
in term of All being everywhere.

As the All-Creator,
cannot have grown into this position
as it would not be All-Everywhere

and as the Allmighty or Omnipotence
cannot have grown, then some other
entity would be All-everywhere
and allways.

Therefore both the All-Creator and
the Allmighty One or Omnipotence
are at that function placed by
the utmost Supreme One.

As its a function made from above,
and not from below grown into.

As the term All, depicts both
Allways, as Everywhere.

As the Allcreator and the Omnipotence
are created by the Supreme One
in their function.

As the Supreme One is above these two.

As well saying the Allmighty One is created
by the All Creator, is not true
because its power is equal in position
as the All Creator, by the title All
as the term All is not smaller than All
and therefore endowed by above.

The Creator and Wisdom

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

The sphere of Creation,
as Earth has been developed by the Lord
by the Creator.

As the bible tells us in seven days,
with a scheme of intelligent design.

As the bible tells us, happiness
was in the garden of Eden,
and adam and eve were happy.

They did not hide themselves
from the Lord as the Creator.

As after sin they were cast out
of the paradise.

As the Earth was designed and created
by the Creator, and named the Almighty One
on earth.

As all creations, planets, kingdoms,
or other kinds in space hold
a design of Creation.

As the creator of Earth,
in scientific origin can come
from space, and had the total willpower
and thus creating both earth and mankind.

As the mankind, the human was in the
resemblance of the Lord himself.
human was with body a physical specie
on earth, but yet the soul of man
was the resemblance, as the Creator
himself has a soul, and a proverb is
that the soul is a small dot of the Creator,
or the Lord.

As the Creator made Earth,
its a proverb that every Creator
promises to use the marks and the schemes
as the ultimate one tells.

As to create the difference between
good and evil, wrong and just, and peace
and war.

As to create the difference but yet trancending it.
as good people strive for goodness.
and the promise to those who do good
will reach heaven.

As every Creator, as in creating planets,
spheres or any kind of world promises
to use the wisdom of the High One,
or the Absolute, to impress in their Creation.

As planets hold the scheme for striving
for worldpeace, as all living beings
hold the scheme to strive for hapiness and satisfaction.

As every Creation is bound to the difference
between reality and its counterpart fantasy or a lie in any kind.

As all Creations resemble the wisdom and the rules
of that High One.

This makes even Hell in a kind of existence has
rules or wisdom implemented in a small kind.
As all worlds by wisdom of the High One
needs to implement in a certain kind.

Thereby even virtual worlds are to
be asked to implement a level of wisdom
of the High One, the resemblance of
souls and the paths to release from suffer.

As part of the wisdom
is the virtues, to reach goodness,
the path of prayer to attain answer to life questions,,
the other paths of religion.

Yoga, serving by work

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

As hinduism holds the secret to the ancient religion,
as the first veda was one piece and stored into four pieces.

As the veda holds both wisdom, philospohy,
religious rituals and history.

As the veda's point to a devotion source
as being the source of all wisdom

As the veda's were written in a high society
and a high level of technology and science.

As the vedas were the source of a high classed
civilisation being the ground of happiness
and peace as a living blessing in all worlds.

As the veda's describe the art of devotion,
as well the art of getting devoted

As the gem of religion holds Yoga as its

In the Veda both three forms of yoga
are described being karma yoga,
bhakti yoga and jnana yoga

As well sages in the past saw yoga
as the task for a godhead.

name it Brahma Yoga serving
the Creator.

name it Krya yoga as the art
of meditation

As well the Yoga is by the path
of prayer to both be educated
by a godhead as well giving the
wisdom to others through their lectures

As the word Yoga means not only
working for the godhead,
but having his mercy as well being
accepted to their will power.

As the Yoga is serving a Godhead.

The bhakti yoga is supreme
surrendering to a godhead.

As jnana yoga is becoming one
with reality.

And karma yoga is by altruism

To reach the abode of Brahman
you need all three forms.

Karma yoga buying sins from the world
Jnana Yoga becoming unified with reality.
and Bhakti trancending the person to unity
with a Godhead.

As both three are needed to
reach out for Brahman
for he is both a godhead, both
supreme reality, and both
the ultimate source of action.

As some prayers for Yoga are:

Please Godhead initiate me,
Please Godhead take in your mercy and protection,
Please Godhead i want to work for you.
Godhead i surrender to you.

Godhead may i take your Yoga on me.

As the godhead may be Vishnu, Krishna among others

As to exert the Yoga to a godhead
is to compare it to
both work for a company and to
receive an allowance to live somewhere
as important companies
when some works abroad
are given a place to live,
to consume for living
and to be able to have freedom

As to live somewhere is to
have a house or apparment to live
to have money for groceries,
and to know someone telling about
the local things.

As Yoga means more than just work.
As well the reward is not only money
but important requisites as well,
be it religious mercy, or other means

Gayatri mantra

Spring fountain of Isa-Upanishad

As ther gayatri mantra
regarded as the most important
of the world.

As the gayatri mantra is
the entrance to all mercy and grace

As the gayatri mantra has four lines
with four qualities of devotion

Mostly people choose this mantra
and a specific mantra to address a godhead.

As the gayatri mantra is transliteral this

Ohm Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Ohm Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

As the first line is the addressing
of the reality and its sphere

Bhur, the hell sphere
Bhuvah the earth sphere
and Svah the heaven sphere.

As Bhur consist of
both crime, sin, and self-interest
as it has no goodness as it is,
as all goodness there is self-interest.

As Bhuvah consist of both
evil, crime and sin,
but also goodness as vah means
as people are able to do both evil
as well goodness
and the goodness can ahve the quality
of supporting others, striving for peace
with the interest of society,
or the world. so without self-interest.

As Svah, is the heavenly world,
all evil is not existing there.
as all people there are educated
in the full goodness, and all problems
are solved there by goodness peace.

The second line
Ohm tat Savitur Varenyam,
in my own intepretation
is asking the spiritual light
to guide you with wisdom,
as to ask for its continuous radiation
during life.

The third line is
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
as it asks the supreme God
the deva as both Krishna, Vishnu
and Brahman depict, to ask for its
guidance, the limit for harmfull behaviour
and the guidance of goodness.

The fourth line is
Dhiyo yonah prachodayath

As this means let the light
in me grow, for a full holy life.
As the word prachodayath means
to grow.

Types of Self-Sacrifice

Gods and the Essence

As the prayer of surrender to a godhead
or a goddess is always a prayer to be whispered or said.
As all gods when hearing the prayer, judge the person
and the soul. As some think the gods always accept someone.
But some gods are not easy to please and have
prerequisites they not always teach to the devoted adept.

As the gods decide whom to accept,
persons can adress the prayer to the god,
but there is no written confirmation that
they accept. But nonetheless prayer is a virtue.
And if some prayers are not accepted, some other do.

As even some gods do not even allow talking some prayers
as consecration or initiation is required

Surrendering to Shiva
Link to Shiva Stotra

Sanjasin order of Svetasvatara
Link to sage Svetasvatara Upanishad

Surrendering to Krishna, Govinda
Link to Pandava Gita
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About surrendering to Indra
Link to Indra Stuthi

About the prayer of surrender to Vishnu
Link to Vishnu Stuthi

As the act of surrendering to Brahma by prayer
Link to Brahma Stuthi

As the prayer to Ganesha about Salvation
Link to Prayer to Ganesha
Link tot Ganesha Stotra

As the guideline for the self-sacrifice of one
to be in the hands of the godhead is the feeling
in the heart.

If one has the feeling that he or she wants to be in
the hands of the godhead, to be totally dependent
than that one is legit to bring the prayer by whisper
to surrender.

As most people when having that wish in their heart
they are ready for the step to surrender.

As the hindu gods all have their scriptures and
writings they are linked to this article
by their function of stotra, stuthi or gita.
and by those original books is described
the surrender to them by whichever means they
by prayer can be adressed.

As the hindu gods by theory lay their
wish for surrender in the hearts of those
longing to wish or to fullfill such a prayer.

as to be in the hands of the godhead,
by such prayer. as to i surrender to you
and the name of the godhead,
one accepts the mercy and the direct guidance
of that god, and he will surely inform
or teach about that step and the next phase in life.

As to be in the hands of god is a type of mercy
and faith, when someone receives this wish
in the heart its surely legitimate.

as its a step of full importance,
an important step, be sure to be serious
as the prayers to gods are by the gods
taken very serious as well.

As the step and prayer of surrender
is avaiable to all beings who exist.
as its both for those who understand
either by soul, by heart, or any means.
and the prayer is to the regarded godhead
therefore legit.

As to be legit to all beings,
they have their choice in their heart.
and their choice is towards the godhead.
as all gods trancend both life and death.

Life of devotion

Sacred name of Brahma

As for all living beings,
with humans and intelligent ones.

The youth and education is
filles with lessons,
and periods of learning

As Brahma brings the young ones to
adult ones, with both life experience
and the methods to live.

As at adult life the humans
reach the phase they can
endorse their goals,
fullfill wishes and live
their own lives.

As in yoth education
Brahma grows the individual
to adult as fully capable
of understanding life
Brahma known as the Creator
of the beginning and his Creation

And Sarasvati
supports by education
as well as art.

When a person reach
adult life they can
attend their goals and wishes
and eit1her a relationship
fame or wealth.

As when adult,
persons are transferred
to Vishnu or Laksmi
both the caretaker and
the wish for abundance.

When a person stays at
Brahma, he or she is
bound to Both Brahma and

As Brahma grants his sacred
name of All-Creator,
and Gayatri the Omnipotence.

As one has learned,
and grown to adult
being finishes with
the first phase.

Then staying at Brahma,
not wishing any goals
or wished except being at

Brahma as the All-Creator
takes over life, as wishes
either disappear or changed
by the All-Creator.

As gayatri the omnipotence
is the female part of the
All-Creator and Brahma.

one wishing to stay
in the house of Brahma,
and sacrificing goals and wishes
to have the bond with
the All-Creator.
and the support of the Omnipotence.

Prayers to Brahma the Creator
Brahma Stotra

Karma resolvement

Karma resolvement after surrendering

As in hinduism and in christianity persons can
surrender to the godheads, and some to wonder
why they feel relieved immediately and even
the feeling that options arise suddenly
as if their fate is better.

Some of them then cancel their surrender
because they think this option was mine all the time.

But when one surrenders or selfsacrifices
to a godhead, the karma of the person
is combined with the one subject of prayer

as the karma is combined,
problems can suddenly solve
or suddenly new options to be saved.

As the godhead himself has higher karma
as a kind of omnipotence or high status
then they save the individual as he or
she surrenders.

So the feeling to be saved as a new
option arises, or saved from hardship,
is the combination of karma with the godhead

as the godhead decides how to save the person
or which lifetask he or she receives.

So surrender and selfsacrifice is giving
the ownership to the gods but
is relieving from all bad karma as well.

As some gods intervene in a slow method
others with power, thye all have their
method to treat their devoted ones.

So to surrender is a gift of a godhead
as some have high requisites,
and others save someone but obliged
to keep their oath, otherwise they
can be abjected.

As Christ accepts surrender and
even forgives all sins.

and the hingu gods by faith
accept a devotee when showing
the merit to be accepted

The soul and its rights

All worlds and realities share the right of the soul to be with meaning

As a vision from higher life.
as you look at human life,
as well to create a virtual reality.

As one puts a soul in life,
one wishes for the rightious law system
as souls all share equal their power of existence.
as good and evil, happiness and suffer.

When creating a virtual reality,
and one knows a soul in it,
one is obliged to put a law system in it.
Which can also consist of religion.

As the law of karma is to put
the soul from reality in heaven or hell
depending on their own level of action.

As when a soul is in life,
the need for a soulprotection is
the main reason for either law
or rules or commandments.

As the vision on earth
when one acts in life with goodness
one is blessed or rewarded by goodness.

When one is with evil one
gets punished by evil as being hell.

As when humans would create a virtual reality
without the knowledge of being inside it,
one needs to have a function otherwise
the soul would suffer to much
or would even be damaged.

As when we would create a world with humans on it
the question is to implement for the soul.

As with higher intelligence these
kind of question appear and are valid
as one wants a soul not to suffer without cause.
as the soul is a spark of the gods or the lord.

Heaven banker Kubera

As the banks on earth all are being guarded by the worldbank
The worldbank decides over interest, loans and other means.

As all countries have a national bank keeping
the treasury of a country.

As some countries choose for a nation bank
in the hands of a private company.

As our system of capitalist
says people may own money, capital
and services.

As capitalists tell there is no maximum to
have as property either physical, intrinsic
or any choosen legal symbol.

The use of banking is top down
as when countries violate rules
the worldbank by forcing loanpayment
can ask for political instruments to be activated

As the worldbank with the use of
loaning treasure to nations and companies
have theorectically the full power
over all political parts in the world.

As the god of hinduism Kubera
explained as the god of banker.
has a couple of rules or proverbs
to give its meaning.

As the system is decentral without hierarchy.

As money serves the population instead circumwise.

As the maximum treasure of persons is four million.

As the debts beyond ten yearsalaries personally is relieved

As the decentral system is guarded by a democratic world council.

As countries are governed by a united nations financial taskforce.

As the sun grants its radiance without cost, a system
of free consumers supply is as service to the population.

As Kubera is the banker, his lessons are solely
for the use of financial services worldwide.

As money serves the mankind, companies cannot have
debt without reason.

As money serves the mankind, a safety measure
to attain a loan without possible debt when
judged by a national financial council.

As money in a nation cannot be brought
to increase or decrease interest without
the direct resemblance in property of
either countries or represented alliances.

As Kubera is the god of banker,
he can and is able to give guidance
to a money system on a planet including earth.

As Kubera is god of banking in heaven
the word heaven can denote the
meaning of higher worlds.
As Vishnu is keeper of the universe
in an equal manner

As all worlds, in hindu tradition
choose themselves which religious
mercy or devotion they attend.

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